Space Marketing Podcast

Announcing Space Marketing Podcast

Introducing Izzy’s new podcast

Space Marketing Podcast is where Izzy explores marketing principles, strategies, and tactics through the lens of space. Join her as she talks with space industry professionals about their challenges and successes with marketing in the new space economy. 

The podcast begins where space begins, at our spaceports. The first series in the space marketing podcast focuses on communication and marketing efforts within the spaceport industry. We will discover what works and what to avoid from leaders around the globe as they build our gateways to space. 

Space Marketing book

Introducing Izzy’s new book – Space Marketing: Competing in the new commercial space industry. This book provides an introduction to marketing through the lens of the space industry.

Foreward is written by David Meerman Scott, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of twelve books including Marketing the Moon.


How can you change the world, build a company, or establish an industry if no one knows you exist? Marketing makes you exist.

“Space Marketing is at the heart of my career. As a result, I combined both of my passions into one expertise and turned the lens of marketing onto the space industry. Armed with experience in public affairs, outreach, and marketing, my goal is to empower space companies and further their dreams of space exploration. Join me as I highlight successful marketing strategies and tactics within the space industry.” says Izzy House.

Marketing challenges for new commercial space

The space industry is changing and becoming more competitive as over 70 countries are reaching for the stars. Space companies will have to understand marketing principles if they hope to compete for customers, gain investors, and win bidding wars in the new commercial space industry. 

The new space game has new rules and new players. As commercial space explodes into a trillion-dollar industry, marketing will become more important. Many companies will need to embrace the idea of marketing if they hope to survive.

Space Marketing Podcast and book by Izzy House answer this need. Space Marketing by Izzy House

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